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Philanthropy Jobs

Publié le 16 Juin 2017

It was the evening before my thirtieth birthday I was having dinner with a friend, when she asked me a question that changed the course of my life; are you satisfied with your contribution to society? It hit me like a ton of bricks not only was I not satisfied with life but I definitely did not feel I had made my contribution to society. That was a question I never pondered on during my twenties. That's when a childhood dream managed to push itself to the forefront of my mind, to have philanthropy job.

Personal Growth

I am glad I listened to my intuition and pursued a philanthropy job. I can honestly say most of my personal growth as an adult has happened in the last 5 years because of being on this professional path. Being on this field has made me more open minded and vulnerable. I am now thinking more of others, rather than just my needs, which is success on its own since we live in such narcissistic days.

Professional Development

I have met some of the best people since taking on my philanthropy job. It is refreshing to associate with like minded people, people that care about others. I am constantly networking and meeting people from all walks of life but we are connected by a common goal, the betterment of men kind.

Best Decision of my life

Taking philanthropy jobs have revolutionized my life in many positive ways. My family and friends notice how much more sympathetic I am towards other people, an area of my life I needed to work on before. I once heard someone say: "success is how many people are better of because you lived". The biggest reward of a philosophy job is waking up every morning knowing that what you are doing makes a difference in the world.

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